What’s next for Funky Frens?

First, we wanted to thank everyone who has been a part of our mint — both whitelisters and new members! This is the first inning of Funky Frens and there’s a lot of game left to be played.

The founders spent all last night deliberating and considering numerous paths in which we could take this project. We took all feedback from our Twitter Spaces AMA and Discord members, and constructed what we feel is the best plan of attack forward.

We decided to play to our strengths: our art and community. Our ultimate goal is for Funky Frens to be everlasting feel-good content — something that owners can look at and feel happy about.

Our short term plans:

  1. Reduce the supply to 1,234 frens. This still enables minting of many rare frens. We will continue with collabs + marketing, and aim to sell the collection out. We will need the community’s help to achieve this!
  2. List on Rarity Tools so everyone can see rarity rankings. This will also help us gain more reach.
  3. Hold a Raffle for #0 — Elon Mars (below) to our loyal minters (1 mint = 1 entry).
  4. Hold Twitter Raids with our community to boost reach and exposure, and offer giveaways to all participants. We think this will be a fun activity to spread Funky Frens vibes!
#0 — Elon Mars

Next, for our medium-term plans:

We will provide real, tangible utility to our holders by rewarding merch designed with your Funky Fren of choice.

Our desire is to spread Funky Frens vibes IRL — not just digitally showing off your frens. The merch you are eligible for will be based on how many frens you own. We will take community feedback to define merch choices, and create a tiered rewards system.

For example (not final):

  • Owning 5 frens = phone case with your funky fren on it.
  • Owning 7 frens = coffee mug with your funky fren on it.
  • Owning 10 frens = hat with your fren on it.
  • Owning 12 frens = custom designed shirt with your fren on it.

This step will be executed once we hit 1500 frens minted.

Funky Frens Mug

Now, our longer-term plans:


Once our initial collection sells out, we will focus on creating a 2nd gen collection (Funky ___ ? ___), that supports breeding of Funky Frens. The “offspring” will have the best traits of the parent frens. There will also be random mutations that might transform your offspring into a 1/1 or ultra-rare fren!

  1. Our new breed collection will be written on a brand new ERC-721A smart contract, fully optimized for gas.
  2. Holders will be able to mint an offspring version of two frens.
  3. Holders will also be eligible to receive a framed photo of their new “Funky Family” to display in their home, office, etc.
Funky Family

We hope everyone is excited for what’s coming in the Funky Frens Universe! We’re looking forward to continue building our brand with our tight-knit community.

Your support is what keeps us going.


-Zilla, Panda, Rascal.



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